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Ascent’s Best-of-Breed practices have been refined over many years of successful client engagements. Our unique combination of domain expertise, innovative technology, business analytics and skilled resources yields consistently exceptional outcomes for healthcare organizations across a wide range of care settings and evolving payment models.

Achieve Comprehensive Gains across your Revenue Cycle Management Operations


Increase Cash Flow & Net Revenue

Our technology-enabled approach leverages the continuous tracking of outcomes against best-in-industry benchmarks. The rigorous process of analyzing the differences or exceptions and initiating proper corrective actions yields significant improvements in cash flow and net revenue for our clients. We achieve the same benefits through optimization across the entire revenue cycle chain, as listed below:

1. Denials prevention by thorough eligibility and benefits verification

2. Reducing billing lag days

3. Identifying revenue opportunities through improved clinical documentation

4. Improved patient collections through training of front office and efficient back office processes

5. Ascent’s Pro-Wizard technology drives the following operational improvements:

  • Reduce repetitive denials through comprehensive analytics and repairing root causes
  • Best-in-Class resolution rate for insurance denials
  • Lowest touch point for denial resolution
  • Most efficient segregation and allocation of claims for improved resolution rate and efficiency
  • Minimize timely filing issues through SLA tracking in Pro-Wizard
  • Under-payment tracking, and timely and effective appeals process
  • Revenue recovery tracking at each A/R Associate level
  • Quality Assurance & Training Programs for ongoing process improvements

6. Tracking of FPCR, A/R 90 Days, A/R 120 Days, Net Collection Ratio against benchmark figures, and initiation of projects for RCA and closing the gaps

Up to a 60% Reduction in the Cost of Collections

Engaging Ascent as your RCM partner can yield up to a 60% reduction in your current cost of collections. Ascent achieves this through a combination of our Best-of-Breed processes, innovative technology solutions, scalability and a global delivery footprint.

Our unique ability to implement your specific business plan with standardized RCM practices across multiple 24×7 delivery centers yields tremendous and consistent improvements in cash flow and overall cost of collections.

Improve Compliance and Clinical Documentation

The healthcare industry is witnessing evolving payment models as the healthcare industry transitions from Fee-for-Service to Quality-based Reimbursement. Regardless of the care setting, Ascent’s team of Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialists and Certified Coders helps your practice achieve meaningful compliance under various Quality Reporting Programs.

We have the unique ability to provide focused feedback to individual care providers irrespective of size which helps to consistently improve both your financial and clinical outcomes!

Visit our HIM Offerings (HIM Page) to review our service offerings that significantly enhance your CDI objectives.

Enhance Patient Experience

An inefficient Patient Management and Statement process often has a significant impact on the Patient/Provider relationship, from both a clinical and financial perspective. As high deductible health plans (such as HSAs) become more widely adopted due to increasing healthcare costs, Ascent works in close partnership with your practice to enhance Patient Relations and maintain a steady level of patronage.

Ascent works in Partnership with your practice to help Patients:

  • Understand the care payment status (deductibles, balance owed, denied claims, etc.).
  • Decide how best to pay the bill (in full, by check, credit card, payment installments that are closely tracked, etc.).  Payments can be mailed, called in or even made on Ascent’s web site.
  • Quickly identify patients’ qualification for state assistance and/or charity programs.
  • Obtain pre-authorizations within the time limits allowed.
  • Obtain correct insurance information or identify payment options, if insurance provided to the facility is denied.
  • Obtain secondary insurance information.
  • Avoid having their accounts turned over to collections agencies for possible credit violations.

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